Tournament of Roses Membership

The Tournament of Roses Association welcomes applications from all eligible candidates who are willing and able to give their time in order to promote and produce the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, as well as participate in other Tournament activities and events.

As a new member you should expect to spend about 40 hours per year on committee work, mostly during the last few weeks of each year. Before applying, please note that Tournament membership should be considered a long-term commitment and that, if accepted as a member, you will be required to:

• Pay annual dues of $55-$75, depending on member level
• Purchase a white suit and accessories (approximately $200 to $300)
• Attend committee meetings throughout the year
• Be available to work on and around New Year’s Day each year

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that applying will result in membership as there are more applicants than openings each year. The Association has a membership limit of 935.